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After God’s Own Heart - The Paradox of David Summer Worship Series Begins June 17

Posted on June 7th, 2018

By:  Rev'd Dr. Johnny Jeffords

Our Summer worship series is soon to begin and invites us to sit with one of the most compelling figures in the whole of Biblical literature, David, a man whom scriptures describes as one “after God’s own heart.”  We all know some of David’s story.  It’s very episodic.  No differently than any one of us can or should be defined by the best or worst thing we’ve done, neither can David.  Brought together our stories say more than just who we are, they bear witness to the ways God has been with us in them and through them.

Of David, author and interpreter of THE MESSAGE Bible, Eugene Peterson, in his book Leap Over a Wall, writes:

The David story, like most other Bible stories, presents us not with a polished ideal to which we aspire but with a rough-edged actuality in which we see humanity being formed—the God presence in the earth/human conditions.  The David story immerses us in a reality that embraces the entire range of humanness, stretching from the deep interior of our souls to the farthest reach of our imaginations.  No other biblical story has this range to it…

Our series begins on June 17 and runs through July.  The clergy team worked to present multiple voices to speak into David’s story.  Here’s the schedule of the episodes of David’s life that will be the focus on the given Sunday, and who will be preaching:

Preaching Schedule

June 17               David and Saul                Johnny

June 24               David and Goliath           Mimi

July 1                   David and Jonathan       Johnny

July 8                   David and Abigail         Rebekah

July 15                 David and Bathsheba   Stephanie Powers (her debut sermon)

July 22                 David and Nathan        John

July 29                 David and You            Johnny

We’re especially excited to offer the opportunity for our ministry candidate and divinity school student, Stephanie Powers, to preach her debut sermon within this series.  It is a daunting thing to begin to preach.  Those who do it will tell you when and where their first sermon was preached.  There is no safer place than St. John’s for her to begin that aspect of her ministry.

We’re also so thankful for the work of Emily Harvey from providing graphic art for our series. Here’s a statement from her about how she came up with her design:  “For this piece, I was inspired by the scroll representing David's authorship of many psalms and other writings. The handwritten elements illustrate David's humanness and faults despite his close relationship to God.”

When we do series like this we often have an accompanying book for those who want to do additional study.  This series is no different.  Eugene Peterson’s Leap Over a Wall, is that book.  Should you like a copy of that you can secure one through the various means available. 

Come take this journey with us and bring someone with you.


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