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(901) 726-4104
1207 Peabody Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104
Sunday Services

Sunday School -9:30 AM

Sunday Worship–10:50 AM

The Way

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Exorcised Fear

By: Rev'd Dr. Johnny Jeffords

So this morning the sun rose, as it does, and with my first deep breaths by the light of a new day I was reminded that the 3rd rock from the sun still orbits her Mother Star (Thank you, Copernicus--science, the more you know). 

The outcome of the previous late night is now projecting its impact on our common future.  It's more than realizing that we are a 50/50 divided electorate (of those of us who voted...the other 45%..what's your deal?), or that we've endured as ugly and endless an election cycle as anyone should have to bear, or knowing we've been made pawns of media who profit by fomenting antipathy among its citizenry, and dark money PACs who expend millions to craft the narrative of their choice as truth without accountability.

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