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Day 4 from GC2019 - A Foretaste of Glory Divine

Posted on February 26th, 2019

By:  Rev'd Dr. Johnny Jeffords

(St. Louis) I’m not going to even attempt to explain what happened today. You saw it, read about it.

What happened is what was going to happen. It was baked in the cake by the nature of the delegates present (yes, it matters who we elect to be delegates). The WCA had the numbers, was organized and cared only about one thing—winning, and they did everything (and I mean everything to achieve their aim) to do it. Unrelated (or is it?) I hope the Microsoft Corporation gave somebody bulk pricing for all the new Surface Tablets that some of our delegates unboxed and walked around with on the floor. 

And for now they were successful. 

The truth is the Traditional Plan was, is and willl be declared unconstitutional, and the body voted for it anyway. 

But that’s what was. Through the pain and tears in St. Louis there is a family coming together. A family the color of the rainbow that will not be deterred. It’s a family that will love God and all that God loves. 

It’s a family that will love justice, do kindness and walk humbly with God. 

This family will love one another as it loves those who can’t find a way to be in fellowship with it. 

Wanna know what it’s gonna look like?  

The benediction of the Special Session was not what was spoken on the stage. It’s what was sung in the vestibule surrounded by St. Louis police for fear of rioting. 

And it was a riot. One of grace. This is the foretaste of glory Divine. I leave General Conference as I arrived. Yes, that’s Mark Miller leading the singing. 


Ostergrüße: Entwickeln Sie ein umfassendes Verständnis dessen, was Ostern ist, eine Momentaufnahme dessen, was Ostern bedeutet, und den Grund für das Feiern und Erinnern an Ostern. Erkläre, was Jesus für die ganze Menschheit getan hat, indem er für ihre Sünden gestorben ist. Durch den Tod, die Beerdigung und die Auferstehung Christi wird uns ein neues Leben angeboten. An Ostern feiern wir, was Jesus für uns getan hat!

best fake id reddit: God bless ya'll!

Mac McWhirter : God bless you and all we miss at St John’s, the results of the vote were devastating, yet, we must continue to battle for total inclusiveness of all God’s children. Preach on.

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