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(901) 726-4104
1207 Peabody Ave. Memphis, TN 38104

Sunday Worship Service at 10:50am

The Way -- A service of Recovery

Fridays at 6:00pm

Sunday School at 9:30am

(901) 726-4104
1207 Peabody Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104
Sunday Services

Sunday School -9:30 AM

Sunday Worship–10:50 AM

The Way

Friday evening service begins at 6:00 PM.

Food Pantry

Food Pantry


The Food Pantry at St. John’s United Methodist Church is deeply committed to offering gifts of nutritious food to our neighbors in a hospitable, loving and dignified manner. There, families in need who have been pre-screened by MIFA (Memphis Interfaith Association) can receive pre-sacked, non-perishable food on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00-11:00 AM. The amount of food given is based on the size of the household served and is enough to feed the family (or an individual) for five days. The non-perishable food items are supplemented by bread, produce, meat and other items from the MidSouth Food Bank and area grocery stores.

Recently, St. John’s has strengthened its commitment to providing nutritious meals to those in need by partnering with the Society of St. Andrew to glean fresh produce from donor farmers around Shelby County. This has enabled the pantry to distribute thousands of pounds of fresh produce to families in need who come to our food pantry, along with recipes for cooking the available produce.

How You Can Help:

Monetary Donations: Our ability to purchase food from the MidSouth Food Bank means that we can purchase food for pennies on the dollar, so the best way to help us provide food is to contribute directly to our food pantry by clicking here.

Volunteering to Sack, Distribute, or Greet: Our volunteers work to sack and distribute groceries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00am-11 am. If you wish to volunteer, please contact Annie(ahunter [at] stjohnsmidtown [dot] org).

Hospitality Help: We are committed to treating guests of our food pantry with all the kindness and hospitality we would offer to a guest in our own homes. We offer guests a hearty welcome, a comfortable seat, coffee, and when possible, a snack of some sort to enjoy while they wait. If you wish to provide a cake, cookies, or some other snack for our guests, please drop it off at the church between 8:30 and 9:00 am on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Feminine Hygiene Items: We frequently receive requests for feminine hygiene items. Donations of these items would be greatly appreciated.

Old Books & Magazines: We welcome donations of gently-used books and magazines for our guests to enjoy.

If you need to receive groceries from a food pantry, please contact MIFA's Emergency Services prescreening department at (901) 527-0226.