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How We Serve

At St. John’s, you will find a diverse community of Christians. Our urban setting allows us to practice our faith actively, by offering help and support to those around us. We are able to do this through our food ministries, recovery ministries, and several community partnerships which provide healthcare, legal services, and other forms of assistance.



St. John's welcomes everyone. Our hearts, minds, and doors are open to people of all ages, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, theological identities, economic status, disabilities, and sojourn on the way to recovery and wholeness. We are a diverse community whose discipleship to Jesus Christ is  demonstrated through our deep commitment to servant ministry. Welcome Home!


St. John's United Methodist Church has been a Reconciling Congregation since May 2017.


St. John’s Recovery Ministries includes The Way and The Way House. The Way House is where people come to attend recovery groups throughout the week, to build relationships, and learn to deepen their connection to a life of recovery. “The opposite of addiction is relationship,” so The Way House is here to provide support through specialized recovery groups and classes, and through peer-to-peer counseling. The Way House also provides connection to resources throughout the area such as the Memphis Area Prevention Coalition, Alliance Healthcare Services, Treatment Centers, Half-way Houses, Hospitality Hub, and other services.

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