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The Way House

Mission of The Way House:

The Way House's mission is to be a source of connection to all seeking recovery and the needed resources to sustain their recovery such as counseling, recovery meetings, social gatherings, and referrals to community resources.


The Way House Recovery Meetings

The Way
Friday Nights 6pm 

The Way is a service built around community and great music. Join us Fridays in the Fellowship Hall. 

The Way Forward Alanon Family Group

Wed. 5:30pm in person (Way House – Billy Reed Room) and Mon. at 5:30pm on Zoom

John Jr’s 12 Step Meeting

Wed. 5:30pm (Way House - Celeste Wray Room)

Recovery Dharma  

Sat. 10:30am (Way House -John Kilzer Room) and Thurs. 7pm on Zoom

FREE HIV and HEP-C Testing

Fri. 10am-12pm (Way House – Billy Reed Room) Memphis Area Prevention Coalition

Recovery Repertory Theatre Rehearsals

Fri. 7pm-9pm (St. John’s Fellowship Hall)

Peer to Peer Counseling

(Way House Counseling Rooms) contact Mimi White:

Overton Park AA Group

Mon. thru Fri. 5:30pm (Way House - John Kilzer Room)

AA Book Study Meeting (S.O.S. group)

Tues. 7:00pm (St. John’s Fellowship Hall – use Peabody Ave. entrance)

Recovery 101 (Drug Court Meetings)

Monday 5:00pm (Way House - Upstairs East Room) 

Off the Rails (CMA)

Sun. 6pm (Way House – John Kilzer Room)

Women’s Art Therapy and Book Study

Tues. 1:30-3pm (Way House - Upstairs Art Room)

Memphis Area Prevention Coalition Public Information Committee Meeting

last Mon. 6:45pm (St. John’s Fellowship Hall – use Peabody Ave. entrance)

Hope Starts Here

Wed. 10am Open Meeting (Way House - Celeste Wray Room)

"Straight Pepper Diet" Men’s AA Book Study

Tues. 7:00pm  (Way House – Upstairs West Room)

Pride & Principles LGBTQ+

Thurs. 7:00pm (Way House – John Kilzer Room)

SMART Recovery

Thurs. 7:00pm (St. John’s Fellowship Hall – use Peabody Ave. entrance)

Grief Recovery 6-week Support Group

Offered Spring and Fall 

Memphis Area CPC Public Information Committee Meeting

3rd Mon. 6:45pm (Way House – Upstairs East Room)

The Way House

Origin of The Way House:

In the beginning of the pandemic, Rev. White suggested that the best use of our funds would be to reconstruct the house next to the church as a recovery clubhouse to provide community counseling and recovery meetings. We had a few members of our Way Volunteers Recovery Team step up with personal donations and helped St. John’s write for a grant that gave us the funds to begin restoring the house and knocking out as many walls as possible to make space for meetings to be able to socially distance in the meeting rooms.


We completed the work in January of 2021, and Rev. White immediately started inviting our recovery groups to meet as they felt safe following the CDC guidelines. More members of the Recovery Team and even more of our friends in recovery around the Memphis area stepped up with their own personal donations to furnish the house with comfortable meeting chairs and tables, and HEPA air purification filters for every meeting and counseling room. The church insured that we had Wi-Fi installed from the very beginning to be able to meet on Zoom from anywhere in the house.


The Recovery Team chose to name it The Way House in honor of John Kilzer’s recovery ministry “The Way” that he, with the help of dedicated friends, brought to our city. Since we opened in January 2021, we haven’t missed a beat, having online, in-person and hybrid recovery meetings – we even held four “Tailgating at the Way” outdoor events in the parking lot of St. John’s UMC (three in which we partnered with the Memphis Fire Department to offer the community Covid-19 vaccines during The Way.) There are over 20 recovery groups meeting currently and we have space for plenty more!

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