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Operation: Swaddling Clothes

The volunteers of Operation: Swaddling Clothes believe that each child in our community is a beloved child of an inclusive God, no less than our own children. Our mission is to provide dignity through diapers to "the least of these" in the Memphis area.

  • Not only is Memphis ranked number one in overall poverty rates for areas with more than a million people, but also leading the nation with the highest number of children living in poverty as well.

  • 40 percent of Memphis's children live below the poverty line.

  • Diapers ARE NOT COVERED by food stamp/SNAP benefit or the WIC program.

  • A healthy child goes through average of 50 diapers a week, and diapers can cost $100 or more a month.

  • A baby crying non-stop from being in a soiled diaper for a prolonged period is more likely to be abused.

Operation: Swaddling Clothes has distributed more than 70,000 diapers to Memphis families in need since it began at St. John's. As Jesus was born to a young mother in modest circumstances who did all she could to meet his physical needs, we invite you to help us uphold the dignity and value of these children of God who live right here in our own community.

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