(901) 726-4104
1207 Peabody Ave. Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 726-4104
1207 Peabody Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104
Sunday Services

Children's Atrium–9:00 AM

Adult Classes-9:30 AM

Youth Classes–9:30 AM

Sunday Worship–10:50 AM

The Way

Friday evening service begins at 6:00 PM.

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Experience and Share God with the St. John's Community

Learn more about who we are and discover the many opportunities for worship, service, and spiritual growth for all ages.  We experience God in a multitude of ways here at St. John's and we thrive on active participation in the life of the community!

We live our love for Jesus through servant ministry.

St. John’s is a diverse community of Christians who express our faith in a number of active ways. Discover the many opportunities for fellowship, worship, service, and spiritual growth you will experience through active participation in the life of the St. John’s community!

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News From the Corner

To the people called Methodists who are St. John’s United Methodist Church, grace to you and peace. We, your appointed pastoral leaders, join our voices in response to the recent General Conference and invite our parish into a deeper commitment of advocacy for a Church that is fully inclusive.

Whether they've got fur, feathers, or scales, they're the best part of coming home! There's nothing quite like the love of your pets!

Beginning on June 12, St. John's will begin a new sermon series, "Another Face of God," based on Joan Chittister's book "Two Dogs and a Parrot - What Our Animal Friends Can Teach Us About Life."

To start enjoying this edition, click HERE. We recommend viewing it in full screen. Also, use the ZOOM feature (the magnifying glass toward the top of the screen) for easier viewing.

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Upcoming Events
9:00AM- 12:00PM

Ed has a reputation as one of America's cutting edge religious communicators. He will be here entertaining and enriching us on this day! 

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